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Since 1985, Bill and Eydie Noll, owners of THE OM, have been creating handcrafted leather and crystal designs inspired by Native American cultures. 

     Bill, a graduate of Montclair State University in New Jersey, with an art background, and his wife Eydie a self-taught artist, moved from New York to California in 1976.  It was at that time that Bill received his first “dream catcher”- a gift from his wife.

     Already immersed in the art of healing with crystals and having a fascination with Native American cultures, they began to research the Native views of Mother Earth, and how the earths’ elements related to Native art and  ceremonies.  Their designs, which include dream catchers, medicine wheels, ceremonial fans, spirit rattles, talking sticks and various other items, reflect the spirit of that culture.  Each artifact is created with authentic material such as deer or buffalo leather, glass beads, bone hair pipes, natural feathers and quartz crystals.  With the incorporation of crystals on many of the pieces, Bill was required to learn special lapidary skills to create their designs.  Because of the beauty and authenticity of these artifacts, they have become the choice of not only collectors, but also healers and shamans around the world for use during healing ceremonies.

     An extensive art show schedule throughout the year includes fine art shows such as the Malibu Art Festival, Brentwood Fine Arts & Crafts, Calabasas Arts Festival and Manhattan Beach Old Hometown Fair. They have also been featured artists at the Montrose Art Festival and won numerous first place awards at the Studio City Arts Festival, Strawberry Festival and Hermosa Fiesta.  In addition to the art shows, their work is displayed in various Native American galleries within southern California.


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